An enormous thanks to our friend Samantha Hirschberg at HelloGiggles for writing maybe the nicest article yet about Life, After. Seriously, we're so flattered.

Enjoy one of our fav excerpts!

Corinne and Erica’s friendship is one of the best parts of the series.
As I said previously, it’s important to die with someone you like — and they did that. Friendship is really the core of the show. That person you need in life AND death. The person you’d learn CPR for. If only we could all be lucky enough to die with a bestie by our side. I mean I wouldn’t want to die and I wouldn’t want my bestie to die, but figuring things out together — including the afterlife — is much better than figuring them out alone.

And this one!

I’m impressed with every aspect of Life, After — the writing, the acting, the comedic delivery, the title sequence and song, everything. The webseries is SO good that it leaves you wanting more. I’m dying for a second season. Not literally, but like maybe fake literally because I’d totally be a ghost in the show.

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