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Episode 1: Life, After Death

Corinne and Erica meet their untimely doom, but they also learn how to fly. Maybe it's not all bad?

Episode 2: Life, After Some Guy Moved Into Our Apartment

A new guy moves into Corinne and Erica's old apartment, even though they've only been dead like, a month.

Episode 3: Life, After We Dated Ben

Corinne and Erica, desperate for answers, become convinced their unfinished business involves reenacting the pottery wheel scene from Ghost.

Episode 4: Life, After We Made A New Friend

There are other ghosts! Corinne and Erica make a new friend, but he isn't a great listener.

Episode 5: Life, After Beth Killed Us

Corinne and Erica think their unfinished business lies in forgiving Beth for sending the text message that basically killed them. Winston helps them communicate with Beth, but things don't go as planned.

Episode 6: Life, After We Found Another Dead Girl

Corinne and Erica find Aria, a brand new ghost, and show her the ropes, until Aria surpasses them all...

Episode 7: Life, After The Party

Corinne, Erica and Winston stop by a haunted house, or as they say in the ghost world, "a party." Erica tries to learn more about the afterlife, while Corinne attempts to make new friends.

Episode 8: Life, After We Figured It Out?

When their new roommate finds a online memorial page for Corinne and Erica, he starts to suspect something is up. Could the apartment be haunted? Erica makes a huge discovery.